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Tactical Approach

Can Long-Short Funds Steady Your Portfolio?

Historically, the best way for investors to buffer against the volatility of a stock portfolio has been to keep some money in bonds or bond funds and cash.  But in recent years long-short funds have become an option for investors seeking to participate in the stock market with less potential risk.

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Tactical Approach: Proactive Risk Management

We believe that long term investors generally benefit from being fully invested and this is why most of the FundX Upgrader Funds stay fully invested in all market conditions. But some investors prefer a strategy like our Tactical approach that proactively adjusts their portfolio’s risk based on current market conditions.

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Tactical Approach Overview

What is the “Tactical?” strategy? The Tactical approach aims to deliver growth with less severe ups and downs than stocks. With a focus on risk-managed performance, this approach uses sophisticated techniques generally reserved for hedge funds with the transparency, liquidity and accessibility of a mutual fund.

Managing Risk

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