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Bridging the Gap

For many years, clients and subscribers had asked for a middle ground between our high-minimum money management services and our do-it-yourself newsletter. Many clients wanted us to manage smaller accounts for their friends and family, but we didn’t have the capacity to take on smaller accounts.  

Subscribers told us that they simply didn’t have time to manage their portfolios on their own or that they had difficulty taking action – even when they knew what trades to make.

Even investors who enjoyed managing their own money wanted to know their portfolios were taken care of when they went on vacation or if they fell ill.

“I’m comfortable managing my accounts,” one elderly client told us. “But don’t want to burden my family with this responsibility after I’m gone.”

A Solution for Smaller Accounts

The FundX Upgrader Fund (FUNDX) was our answer to these client and subscriber requests. After thirty years of managing money for over 500 individual clients, FUNDX allowed us to share our strategy, service, and performance with thousands of shareholders.

FUNDX is an extension of what we’ve been doing for 40 years now: managing portfolios of funds for clients using our Upgrading investment strategy.  FUNDX was based on our most popular growth model: an equity portfolio that invests primarily in core, diversified funds and had limited exposure to more speculative funds.

Investors Flocked to FUNDX

FUNDX faced difficult market conditions in November 2001, but investors rallied behind the fund. FUNDX began with just $25,000 in assets and within the first six months, it had grown to $150 million. The Fund continued to attract investors over the last decade. (See since inception performance here.)  

A client recently called to tell us about his newest grandson. “He’s only 2 months old, but he already has $10,000 invested in FUNDX,” the proud grandparent boasted. The legacy continues.

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